FAQs guía deportiva pandemia covid-19

recommendations of the Spanish Higher Sports Council

The Higher Sports Council:

has released a document with frequent questions and answers to assist professional athletes during Phase 0 of the de-escalation.

The information it offers includes the requirements to be recognized as a professional, the supporting documents necessary to perform sports and who issues them, or how to use the various sports facilities.

Vital to learn how to practice your sport whether you are a professional or a federated amateur athlete.

Here we leave you the link to know the document:

FAQs for professional and federated athletes during Phase 0

Covid-19 FELOyDA De-escalation Practice Guide

The health authorities and the government of the nation have arranged that from May 4, the athletes DAN and federated, can perform physical exercise outdoors.

In the same way, they have also told us that it will be difficult to train together with direct interaction until at least the month of July (if everything goes well). According to the government's proposal, in Phase 1, starting on May 11, the High Performance Centers in the provinces established by the Ministry of Health may be opened for individual training. Keep in mind that in this phase 1,
mobility between provinces is prohibited.

The evolution to each phase will depend on the Government of Spain, therefore, this information is indicative. Always attending to the starting pistol that marks the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain.

Here we leave you some pdf prepared by the Spanish Federation of Olympic Wrestling that we hope will serve as your guide.

Proposals for injury prevention exercises in contact sports:



Union make force

The Spanish Boxing, Fencing, Judo, Karate, Kickboxing and Muay Thai, Olympic Wrestling and Taekwondo Federations are extremely important in Spain with the creation of a confederation that unites them to fight for their sports rights and resource exploitation.

Together they add the voice of 4000 specialized sports clubs, thousands of freelancers, SMEs, and sports technicians c who provide their services to some 300,000 federated athletes throughout Spain.

The current situation is desperate in every way, and the most feasible option to fight for the common interests of these sports federations was to unite to jointly defend the rights before the government authorities.

It is also important to give a voice to clubs, gyms, and dojos, which are preparing to follow the health recommendations that are established to provide their services.
They need to be listened to in their demands, which, first of all, are that they can open their businesses as soon as possible. Assimilated to dignified small businesses, many of them providing services in their neighborhoods, to athletes with all kinds of needs, and doing commendable and often little recognized social work.
The challenge is important, but we know that the union is strength, therefore we welcome you to UFEDC (Union of Spanish Contact Sports Federations).

The confederation is working on a general plan for its general implementation in Spain, awaiting the consensual approval of it by the Spanish Higher Sports Council.

The intrusion of the business fitness sector, which includes 5,000 gyms in Spain, has also been brought to the attention of the authorities, using pseudo-professional contact sports without monitors @ s certified with the dangers that such illegal practices entail. a clear professional intrusion added to the danger of injury and inadequate teaching.

These impressions added to a battery of actions have been sent to the Secretary of State for Sport for their preferential study.

The return to federated sports practice must be thoroughly studied and give it a global solution. Given the nature of these sports, which physical contact is vital, it is very important to have very clear the measures to be implemented so that they can be properly exercised in each phase stipulated by the Government of Spain during the declared state of alarm.

We will continue informing from our writing about the regulations and the items to develop.

COVID-19 Combat Sports Questionnaire

We request your collaboration so that this survey is carried out by as many athletes as possible of all Spanish contact sports: Wrestling, BJJ, Grappling Gi and no Gi, Sambo, Mma, Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, Boxing, kick Boxing, Fencing, etc ...

Thus there will be a wide scrutiny of the protocol to follow to make the appropriate decisions to reopen sports clubs, and gyms, throughout Spain.

Here we leave you the link to do the questionnaire anonymously.

COVID Combat Sports Questionnaire

The purpose of this questionnaire is to know the habits and reasons for practicing physical activity carried out by sports athletes from Combat Wrestling, Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, Boxing, kick Boxing, Fencing and others during the isolation period of COVID-19.

Participation in this study is voluntary and anonymous. The results will be discussed globally.

I request the collaboration of their trainers to send this questionnaire to as many athletes as possible (the data requested does not allow the subject or the educational center to be identified)

The purpose of the research is to carry out an investigation by the INGESPORT Research Group of the University of Murcia led by Professor José Mª López Gullón.

The data collected through this study will be treated confidentially, maintaining security in accordance with Organic Law 3/2018 of December 5 on Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights.

FELODA 2020 Board of Directors Meeting Solutions against covid-19

Today, April 16, 2020, the Board of Directors of the Spanish Federation of Olympic Struggles and Associated Disciplines has met electronically.

At that meeting, issues related to the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis were discussed:

  • The provisional sports calendar for the rest of 2020
  • The end of the 2019 fiscal year
  • Technical issues related to our sport.

It is vital at this time to draw a modus operandi progressively back to normal in order to have hygiene guidelines in sports clubs.

As well as having the certainty of knowing which dates are appropriate for the calendar of competitions and sports gatherings, maintaining the strict rules of social hygiene and health that these moments demand.

From the writing of scorizer we hope that as the summer passes we can gradually enjoy the events even if they are behind closed doors or with great control of public access. Just as the return to training can be progressive and orderly following strict sanitary hygiene standards.

Without more than adding all our respect to the titanic effort that our sanitary and health, state security forces and all those workers are doing that with their daily delivery and putting their health at risk are helping us to see light on the horizon.

To all and to all our sincere thanks.


On Thursday April 16th via telematic conference, the seven national federations: Boxing, Fencing, Judo, Karate, Kickboxing and Muay Thai, Olympic Struggles and Taekwondo have held a first meeting to address the tricky situation that this health crisis is causing both sports clubs as to the suspension of national and international competitions.

Moment of the telematic meeting of the national presidents of the Spanish combat sports yesterday, Thursday, April 16, 2020.

The basis of the meetings of these federations is to lay down rules for reincorporation into sports life, include sanitary measures that ensure the well-being of their athletes and there are guidelines for behavior in sports practices, in clubs, and high performance centers.

The common objective of these federations is to ensure that the basic situation of sport, which is their clubs, does not have to close their activity after this crisis, which already has a strong economic impact for all of them.

The seven national federations and in the words of their presidents have agreed on the same objective:

"We want all combat sports practitioners to return to their training in the best possible sanitary conditions."

"This working group will fight for the national competitions to resume as soon as possible, prioritizing the health of our athletes."

They have assured that they will continue to meet to meet these objectives and support the clubs and athletes of our country.

Let us hope for the good of all the people who dedicate themselves laboriously and constantly to directing a club or practicing their sport will soon be able to continue their task and hobby.

Teresa Méndez Wins the UWW Women and Sports Award 2020

The "United World Wrestling Women and Sport Award" is an award given annually by the International Federation of Olympic Fights the: UWW (United World Wrestling)

This award was created for the empowerment of women who are dedicated to promoting and disseminating Olympic wrestling seeking gender equality in this sport.

Every year, the "UWW Women and Sport Award" is awarded to a woman, an organization that has made notable contributions to the development of women's wrestling worldwide.

This prize is endorsed by the UWW Commission for Women and Sports and has a cash prize of 10,000 American $, which would be about € 9,158.10

This year has fallen to the Spanish Teresa Méndez that as a fighter she had an enviable record:

  1. At the national level, she won 8 titles of the Spanish Wrestling Champion.
  2. A Silver Medal in the 2001 European Wrestling Championship Sambo.
  3. 1st medal in the history of Spain in Wrestling with a Bronze in the European Championship of Women's Olympic Wrestling 2005.
  4. Fifth place in the 2006 Women's Olympic Wrestling World Championship.
  5. First place in the 2006 World Ranking.
  6. Olympic in 2008.

Teresa Méndez Source: Felucha



Tere Méndez Source: Murcia fight

It is a great stimulus for her great work in the development of Olympic wrestling in sports schools in Madrid and in the Center for the Promotion and Recruitment of Olympic Wrestling in La Felucha, and the CSD, as coach and technical director of Olympic Wrestling in the federation Madrileña of Olympic Struggles.


IOC announces new dates for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced the new dates to celebrate the Tokyo Olympics.

new date tokio 2020

They had to start on July 24, but were postponed due to the alarm created by covid-19 in the world.

The IOC has arranged for the event to take place between July 23, and August 8, 2021.

The Paralympic Games will take place between August 24, and September 5, 2021.

Despite everything, it will continue to be called Tokyo 2020

The organization of the Games wishes that with this delay they have enough time to celebrate all the qualifying tournaments (pre-Olympics) of all the Olympic disciplines that were suspended until the pandemic is overcome.

Athletes and athletes already classified in their respective sports will have their place respected.

In 124 years of modern-era Olympics history, they have never been postponed before.

Because of the two world wars they were suspended and were not celebrated (1916, 1940, and 1944).

Then there were several boycotts because of the "cold war" between the Soviet Union and the United States that affected the Olympics in 1980 and 1984.

Spanish athletes and athletes can be in luck with this magnificent news for their interests.

The forced confinement of the entire population due to the state of alarm in Spain completely broke the preparation of the athletes for the Olympics, and their training was completely reduced.

The Spanish Olympic Committee trusted this great news so that Spanish sport can arrive conscientiously prepared for the most important event in world sport that is held every four years ...

This time as an exception will be held on the fifth summer since the last Olympics.

Since SCORizer we can only wish that gradually in the coming dates we can return to normality and the whole of society as a whole will return with more enthusiasm, and desire, to move on.

We are still struggling…

We are still struggling And we are not going to fail in this open contest against a virus that is wreaking havoc on our society at levels unknown until now due to its speed of expansion.

All our events are paralyzed until we have managed to control this pandemic.

Currently it affects the majority of countries in the world so we live expectantly from our homes the evolution of the entire event.

At Scorizer we continue to fight from our homes, and we encourage teleworking.

Since the foundation of our Hidup.io brand belonging to the group: Tartessos Sistemas y Servicios SL, it has been a fundamental premise to be close to our clients so that they feel more in a family environment than a business one.

On March 16, the teleworking working day was implemented, reinforcing the attention to our clients and supporters.

We are committed to maintaining our personal and professional effort, giving priority to health, following all the prophylactic measures that the Spanish government dictates for the population.


We wish all of you a lot of strength, health, and hope.

We continue fighting side by side each person from their radius of action.

We are as always at your disposal for any business question or suggestions of any other kind.

contacto scorizer

Tokyo 2020 Olympics suspended

It was an open secret and has been confirmed.

The Olympics are suspended until the global health crisis caused by the coronavirus is reduced and athletes can resume their high-performance training.

This was decided by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and IOC President Thomas Bach in a telephone conversation they had on Tuesday, March 24.

The IOC, in a statement, assures that "in the current circumstances", they have determined that "the Games of the XXXII Tokyo Olympiad will be postponed to a date after 2020 and no later than the summer of 2021, to safeguard the health of the athletes"

"We have decided to keep the original name of Tokyo 2020," said the chairman of the organizing committee, Yoshiro Mori.

Olympic and Paralympic Games Minister Seiko Hashimoto said they want to make sure "the Olympics will be a victory against the coronavirus."

Presumably the appointment will be in the summer of 2021 although the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be kept as the nomenclature of the event.

This expected impasse will be very beneficial for Spanish athletes and athletes who will be able to resume their preparation when the state of alarm declared in Spain due to the pandemic caused by the covid-19 ends.

First of all we wish that in a few weeks we can say that we are overcoming victories against the coronavirus.

Our best wishes to all the Spanish people.

A lot of strength and perseverance to overcome this battle in which we all contribute our grain of sand to overcome it.



Official Communication Feloda Covid-19

Due to the current situation we are experiencing and given that the clubs and training centers are closed and the athletes cannot train under conditions, we postponed the Spain Under 23 Championships in Olympic Fights and Esperanza and Cadete de Sambo scheduled for April 5 2020 in Madrid.

Once the activities are restarted we will designate a date in this year 2020 for these championships.

It is also notified that the international «Young Promises» tournament for Cadet, Junior and Under 23 Olympic Fights, scheduled for April 18 and 19, 2020 and by indications of the UWW, has been postponed for the November 7 and 8 2020.


In view of the events generated by the covid-19 virus, the Government of Spain is going to adopt a series of preventive measures, among which are the holding of professional and non-professional sports competitions and events, having to be held behind closed doors.

It is for them and once the Spanish Sports Council has been consulted, Feloda (Felucha) has decided to postpone all scheduled state-level competitions such as the Spanish Junior Championship of Olympic Fights, the Spanish Senior Championship of Sambo and Combat Sambo to celebrate March 21 are postponed pending a new date yet to be determined.

Also note that on March 26 it will be decided whether the U23 Spanish Championship of Olympic Struggles and the Sambo Hopes Championship scheduled for April 5 in Madrid will be held or will be postponed.

The Spanish Federation of Olympic Struggles and Scorizer regret the inconvenience that such cancellations may cause. Remaining at your disposal for any query or / or clarification.


First-hand information from the website of the Ministry of Health.

U15 / U17 Gijón 2020 Olympic Wrestling Championships in Spain

The championships in Spain under 15 and under 17 that were held last Saturday, March 7, gave us a magnificent day of sport.

The girls showed us in Olympic wrestling that they work very hard to have a very high level of technique, physical preparation and tactics.

The national teams will feed on these young women who have been hitting hard to make a place for themselves in the elite.

All the territorial federations presented very powerful teams and very difficult to beat.

The boys also left samples of their work in Greco-Roman and Olympic free so that the attending public could enjoy all day a competition that always had an incentive from the qualifying rounds to the expected finals.

We are very happy with the result of the event, so the organization, the competitors, technical teams, and assistants can be very satisfied with these Spanish championships.

The winners and winners of each category will be part of the Spanish team in their international commitments.

Visual chronicle of the event by scorizer.


This Saturday, March 7, the U15 and U17 Spanish women's and men's Olympic wrestling championships will take place in Gijón.

We will have the opportunity to know how the new generations spend them.

Every year we can see how the technical level of all the participants rises because it must be recognized that they achieve better results in Europe and worldwide.

The free women's and men's Olympic Games and the Greco-Roman one make up the bouquet of modalities that we can enjoy at the Sports Palace in Gijón throughout Saturday morning and afternoon with a one-hour lunch break.

Scorizer will provide streaming on Feloda's YouTube channel. As well as from the Feloda app developed by scorizer to stay up to date with all the competition from anywhere.

Heaven Fitch 1st Woman who wins male Olympic wrestling competition.

It took place in North Carolina (USA) on February 23, 2020. A young woman named Heaven Fitch became the first female wrestler to win a "State Men's Individual Olympic Wrestling Championship," according to the Athletic Association of North Carolina High School.

Fitch, a fighter competing with adolescent boys in the 48kg category, triumphantly proclaimed herself champion after her unappealable 11-3 victory.

Heaven had no problem winning the state title, it was forceful: he won the semifinal 9-4 and was crowned 11-3. The feat is that he only faced boys.

Heaven Fitch, a teenage girl from North Carolina (USA), used to watch her brothers' wrestling duels since she was six years old and insistently asked her parents to let her practice Olympic wrestling.

At 6 years old, he decided he wanted to enter, he told the local Concord newspaper The Independent Tribune in 2018.

“In 2019, battling the boys, Heaven Fitch ranked fourth in the 106-pound division of the 1A State Championship. In the consolation finals, he lost to Stephen Mainz of Lejeune in a major 9-1 decision.

Fitch not only finished the season with a 54-4 record, but was the most outstanding fighter in the 1A State Championship and became the first female fighter to win an individual state championship in NCHSAA history. ” *

Source: https://www.highschoolot.com/history-made-heaven-fitch-becomes-first-female-to-win-nchsaa-wrestling-state-title/18973995/

Fitch returned this year as a junior, fighting again in the 106-pound division. This time he won the state championship title.

Later that weekend, she won the award for Outstanding Wrestler.

Impressive movement to go from danger to waist control to end up winning the match.

Verified sources:



The fight returns to Andalusia.

The Andalusian Wrestling Federation organizes the 2nd day of the Andalusian Olympic Wrestling League in the Wrestling Center of Maracena (Granada).

All Andalusian clubs in all their age and weight categories will participate, as a guest club the City of Murcia joins. What will raise the general level of the competition exponentially.

Since Murcia and Andalusia are powers in this sport in Spain, a very interesting competition is looming, full of combat where girls and boys will record their power in the fight.

The Women's Wrestling, the Greco-Roman and the Olympic Free will compose the modalities that we can enjoy in Maracena or by accessing our scoring app where they will be able to follow in detail everything that happens in the competition.

Without adding the wording of scorizer, he says goodbye until the next event.

Success of Spain in the senior Europeans of Grappling 2020

Very outstanding we could say that it has been the passage of the senior Spanish team of Grappling and Grappling Gi for the European championships that have just ended.

Spain put in a very powerful selection as it was possible to verify with the final result when obtaining 8 medals.

Spanish Grappling Selection

The selection presented Cristofer Martín 62kg (Can) that he could not get past the 1st round as he did not the second day at Grappling Gi (in kimono uniform).

Jesús M. Rodríguez Rosario 62kg (Can) he won two meritorious 5th places in grappling no Gi and grappling Gi in both remained at the gates of bronze.

It must be very hard to be so close to the medals, to fight hard, and in the end to the minimum to be left without any.

Daniel Requeijo 66kg (Can) could not get past the 1/4 final. Although he fought like a boar in his fighting.

Juan Manuel Suárez 84kg (Can) He could not pass the 1st round in Grappling, losing with the also Spanish Valentín Lancharro (Mur), but he almost brought the bronze in Grappling Gi, finally being in a very respectable 5th place.

Valentín Lancharro 84kg (Mur) He could not make it past the 1/4 final, which is a shame as he is a great competitor and in his previous Europeans he got medals. We are sure that it will be compensated in the next championships in which it competes.

We arrived to Alan Betancur 92kg (And) who has had a remarkable performance with two Bronze medals and remaining for details at the gates of the two finals. It was spectacular to see him fight with that display of strength, technique and tactics.

Alan to the left of the image poses smiling with his well-deserved medal. instagram

We reach the girls with Katia paola Sánchez 71 kg (Can) that although things did not turn out as she expected to be her first participation in the Europeans, she has a great experience for future appointments.

Katia with Requeijo and Suárez whatue got a 5th place. instagram

The multisporter (Olympic fights, Bjj, Grappling, MMA) Sara Vieitez 53kg (Gal) In his first appearance in the Grappling Europeans, he brings two bronzes to Spain.

Impressive the outstanding performance of Sara we have no words to describe her progression and we doubt that she has a roof.

Sara showing us her booty. instagram

We arrived to the new grappling champion of Europe 2020 Naiomi A. Matthews 53kg (Vas) his performance was spectacular because the first day he gets gold and Gi bronze. It is a joy to see her fight because each fight is a lesson in poise, technical quality and tactics. Our congratulations

Naiomi and her brand new gold and bronze medals.

Arturo Salas 84kg champion of Europe in Gi with an overwhelming performance in all the elimination rounds until reaching the final in which he developed a very tactical and complex combat and in which he was finally victorious bringing gold for Murcia and Spain. Great joy that gave us those who could see it live via streaming.

Arturo at the top of the podium. instagram

We arrived to Nico Medina Werner 77kg (Mur) that in Grappling it was in 5th place and in grappling Gi he reached the final with European silver remaining. This fighter has a great future because he is very competitive and technical as he made it clear throughout the competition with a show of composure and know-how in the tapestry that delights viewers who are understood and not understood.

Nico Medina Werner Silver medal in 77kg

The scorizer writing team He wishes you were pleased with the chronicle of this magnificent performance of our athletes in the European held in the Eternal City.

The Spanish team today in the Grappling European Championship

The Spanish men's and women's senior team of Grappling and Grappling Gi traveled yesterday to fight today and tomorrow in the Grappling European Championships taking place right now in Rome.

We have high expectations for this competitive team, which we are sure will leave the skin on the tapestries to bring to Spain a medal from the championships.

We leave you a promotion of encouragement to our selection so that they know their components better.

From the writing of scorizer It only remains for us to wish them the best in these championships and in our next article we will bring you due account of the results.

2020 European Olympic Wrestling Championship

The Spanish selection Senior male and female Olympic wrestling came home with mixed results.

The Spanish Team

In females: Although no medals were obtained we can be hopeful that the results will arrive for the next appointments.

Aintzane Gorria (Nav) in women's wrestling she lost in the first round in the 50kg category.

Aintzane fighting. instagram

Marina Rueda (And) he took a bittersweet defeat because he lost the possibility of fighting for the medals in the last seconds. he has taken good note of his mistakes and in his own words: «From here I take a bittersweet mixture of feelings and emotions.
On the one hand, I feel great sadness, because the fight has escaped me in the last seconds, despite having been winning until almost the end. A failure that I can never afford again. »

Marina Rueda. instagram

María Baez (Mad) He fought in 57kg against the Russian M. Symonian although he did a technique of great projection of 5 points that hit the stands.

This girl who was already 3rd in the junior world last year left us with very good feelings.

In the end he was in 8th position. We have high hopes for his progression.

María Báez with Marina Rueda. instagram

Lydia Pérez (Gal) This Galician made some impressive fights and was close to fighting for the medals. Finally, he finished in 7th place, leaving the Spanish flag very high and with many possibilities to continue climbing steps towards the desired medals.

Lydia with José Cuba 125 kg LO

The fighter Jesus Gasca 87 kg (Val) in Greco-Roman his career in this championship was testimonial and we hope with all our strength that he shows his worth in the next events.

In male wrestling Spanish participation was very worthy but far from the medals.

Levan metreveli At 57kg the Balearic Islands was able to fight for the bronze but remained at the gates.

Juán P. González (Mur) At 65kg he could not get past the 1st round as he lost to the Armenian fighter.

Jonathan Álvarez (Cat) The first champion of the category Gazimagomedov (Rus) had 74kg in the 1st round and he could do nothing. Then in the play-off he fell again with a Georgian fighter.

Taimuraz Friev (Bal) 86kg we had high hopes for him but he lost to the Belarusian Tsikhayeu at the first exchange.

Taimuraz in combat. Twitter

Alejandro Cañadas (And) He also lost in the 1st round with the Greek Petridis when he was later eliminated in turn the Greek fighter could not aspire to the play-off.

José Cuba (Gal) 125kg got him the best fighter in the category in the first round and in the end champion of Europe the Georgian Petriashvili so he went directly to the play-off for the bronze but he found again a hard bone to crack like the Russian Tsyzhipov who finally took one of the bronzes.

This has been the scorizer chronicle about the performance of the Spanish team of Olympic fights in Rome.

They will have several opportunities to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in these months, we hope they can fulfill their Olympic dream.

We will continue reporting from the writing of scorizer.

Grappling Honor and discipline

The Grappling 2020 Spanish Championships have brought us new friendships throughout the peninsula.

A lot of work throughout the weekend but it was worth it given the favorable final result.

The organization worked hard throughout the event handling a tremendous combat load.

All incidents that arose were satisfactorily rectified with responsible teamwork.

One of the fruits that arise from the result of the Spanish championships is the possibility that they and the Grapplers are selected to be part of the Spanish team in the European and World championships.

Success in San Pedro del Pinatar

The Spanish Grappling and Grappling Gi Wrestling Championship held this weekend gave us an event worth remembering.

Grappling is a sport with more and more followers in Spain and we could see it in Murcia.

The battles and the playoffs continued throughout the Saturday without interruption until 9 at night with just one hour to eat.

On Saturday it was the turn of the male and female Grappling no gi (without uniform or kimono): schoolchildren, cadets, juniors, seniors and veterans.

We are struck by the complexity and seriousness with which the participants take this sport and the great reigning sportsmanship.

There is never a technique seeking to attack or harm the rival, the principle of non-aggression and winning without abusing always prevails.

He really is admirable in every way for effort, science, and good repute.

Sunday was the time for the Grappling Gi (in uniform or kimono) and another titanic day provided us with loads of highly disputed fights but without any kind of quarrels and everything remained on the tapestry without any bitterness before the defeat.

The Grappling Gi had an impressive reception with participants of all ages male and female. A 5th supplementary tapestry had to be added to open the more than 300 matches we covered on Sunday.

We are very happy with the work done and the final result where everyone left very happy with the organization and their effort.

The scoring season begins with a great event.

On February 1 and 2 we moved to San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia) for the celebration of the Spanish Grappling and Grappling GI Wrestling Championships, which are two sports twinned by their techniques and which differentiates them above all from clothing.

Murcia always welcomes us very well and about 500 athletes of all ages and sex are expected to fight throughout the weekend. First, it will be the place of grappling on Saturday morning and afternoon and on Sunday morning it will be the time for GI grappling.

Here we leave you a promo that we hope you like.

We are very happy at scorizer because we are working hard to implement different improvements to our services that we hope will be reflected in this first draft event of 2020.