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Union make force

The Spanish Boxing, Fencing, Judo, Karate, Kickboxing and Muay Thai, Olympic Wrestling and Taekwondo Federations are extremely important in Spain with the creation of a confederation that unites them to fight for their sports rights and resource exploitation.

Together they add the voice of 4000 specialized sports clubs, thousands of freelancers, SMEs, and sports technicians c who provide their services to some 300,000 federated athletes throughout Spain.

The current situation is desperate in every way, and the most feasible option to fight for the common interests of these sports federations was to unite to jointly defend the rights before the government authorities.

It is also important to give a voice to clubs, gyms, and dojos, which are preparing to follow the health recommendations that are established to provide their services.
They need to be listened to in their demands, which, first of all, are that they can open their businesses as soon as possible. Assimilated to dignified small businesses, many of them providing services in their neighborhoods, to athletes with all kinds of needs, and doing commendable and often little recognized social work.
The challenge is important, but we know that the union is strength, therefore we welcome you to UFEDC (Union of Spanish Contact Sports Federations).

The confederation is working on a general plan for its general implementation in Spain, awaiting the consensual approval of it by the Spanish Higher Sports Council.

The intrusion of the business fitness sector, which includes 5,000 gyms in Spain, has also been brought to the attention of the authorities, using pseudo-professional contact sports without monitors @ s certified with the dangers that such illegal practices entail. a clear professional intrusion added to the danger of injury and inadequate teaching.

These impressions added to a battery of actions have been sent to the Secretary of State for Sport for their preferential study.

The return to federated sports practice must be thoroughly studied and give it a global solution. Given the nature of these sports, which physical contact is vital, it is very important to have very clear the measures to be implemented so that they can be properly exercised in each phase stipulated by the Government of Spain during the declared state of alarm.

We will continue informing from our writing about the regulations and the items to develop.