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Covid-19 FELOyDA De-escalation Practice Guide

The health authorities and the government of the nation have arranged that from May 4, the athletes DAN and federated, can perform physical exercise outdoors.

In the same way, they have also told us that it will be difficult to train together with direct interaction until at least the month of July (if everything goes well). According to the government's proposal, in Phase 1, starting on May 11, the High Performance Centers in the provinces established by the Ministry of Health may be opened for individual training. Keep in mind that in this phase 1,
mobility between provinces is prohibited.

The evolution to each phase will depend on the Government of Spain, therefore, this information is indicative. Always attending to the starting pistol that marks the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain.

Here we leave you some pdf prepared by the Spanish Federation of Olympic Wrestling that we hope will serve as your guide.

Proposals for injury prevention exercises in contact sports: