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About us

hard work pays off

At the forefront

Created to manage sports federations, sports areas, streamlining
registrations, competitions, streaming, replays and all personal and championship statistics. Scorizer offers three plans
that adapt to any sport and your particular needs. 

innovation and commitment to sport

Sports as diverse as Olympic Wrestling, Sambo, Mma, beach sambo, beach wrestling, grappling gi and grapplin nogi currently make up our annual agenda organizing national championships, international tournaments, and events throughout Spain. 


We learn from each situation and we improve our services year after year, always surpassing ourselves in search of excellence.


The requirement is maximum to be at the level of athletes and the entire sports industry who sweat blood, sweat and tears to achieve their goals.


We can only give everything each season to give the best of ourselves so that the competitions are unforgettable.


Live up to your effort as a goal ...


If you hire a scorer plan...

By contracting a scorer plan, you will enjoy our exclusive support, in competitions and events with digitized administration. Our logistical support represents us. Mobile applications, streaming, complete tournament management, video arbitration and everything you need for your sport.


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