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Enjoy our program only amateur sports

Scorizerlive on twitch and youtube deferred

Grand Prix Wrestling Women´s Wrestling free style Greek Spain

countdown to start

Welcome follow the tournament from the felucha app and youtube channel felucha

What is scorizer

Scorizer creates advanced hardware and software for amateur and professional sports. Implementing it in competitions, tournaments, evenings and sporting events.

Ability to work with sports organizations, municipal sports areas, national and regional sports federations, as well as associations, martial centers and sports clubs. 

We digitize your sports center avoiding hours of enormous work. Monitor your facilities, occupation of classes, courses, payments and debits from your control panel. 

Travel scorer by Vyootrip

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10% discounts for groups

commitment to the world of sport

Why choose scorizer?


Creation of Hardware and Software for the world of sports

Android_IOS Apps

Sports management platform, custom mobile applications

Everything under control

Federations, clubs, and sports centers in your pocket.

scorizer in action

Sports event management

Do you want to work with us?

Sports we work with

Grappling gi

Combat Sambo

amateur mma

Fight Beach

Yoseikan budo

Sambo Beach

First season of scorezerlive on Youtube

Follow the tournaments: Wrestling - Grappling - MMA - Sambo and scorer channel on youtube

Do not lose detail of the competitions

Feel the adrenaline in each fight


Work and responsibility guide us

Scorizer 2022/23

2 k
200 k
scorizer in action

Great events for unforgettable moments