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What is scorizer

Scorizer creates advanced hardware and software for amateur and professional sports. Implementing it in competitions, tournaments, evenings and sporting events.

Capacidad para trabajar con organismos deportivos, áreas deportiva de ayuntamientos, federaciones deportivas nacionales y autonómicas, así como asociaciones, centros marciales y clubes deportivos. 

Nuestra gestión abarca la administración digital integral de licencias deportivas, aseguradoras y la gestión de torneos nacionales e internacionales.


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Creation of advanced Hardware and Software for sports

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We put in your hands the centralized management of your federation, clubs and competitions.

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Fight Beach

Yoseikan budo

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In November the fight returns

On November 20, after the summer months and some of the autumn months, we will return to the fight with the Spanish championship of fight for Autonomies. It's very interesting

4 Spanish championships on the weekend

4 Spanish championships next weekend we will be able to enjoy from the San Agustín de Guadalix sports center in Madrid. May 1 in the morning will be

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Great events for unforgettable moments

The 2020/2021 season has been very complex and dramatic given the restrictions due to the pandemic, but we can be very proud to have been part of the organization of such important events as the Championships of Spain and Andalusia of the different sports modalities that make up our most important clients such as: Spanish Federation of Olympic Wrestling and associated disciplines (FELODA) and the Andalusian Federation of Olympic Wrestling and associated disciplines (FALODA). 

Having been an active part of the planning and digital and technological administration of all sporting events organized in Spain by said organizations. The sports that we currently manage for FELODA AND FALODA in all its categories are: 

  1. Olympic wrestling (women's / men's / Greco-Roman free)
  2. Grappling nogi and gi
  3. Sambo and Sambo beach
  4. Combat Sambo
  5. MMA
  6. Beach fight


Sambo beach 2021

Combat Sambo 2020-21

Olympic Fights 2021

Women's Olympic Wrestling 2021

Amateur and pro MMA 2021


New modality that joins our catalog

Yoseikan budo

We are very happy to present a new modality that becomes part of our activities. Yoseikan Budo, a martial art created in the 60s by master Hiroo Mochizuki that is practiced in 33 countries around the world.

YOSEIKAN BUDO is a constantly evolving martial art based on the mechanical correspondence between all martial techniques and strategies. The Mochizuki family has been developing this discipline for 4 generations, surrounded by numerous international experts from the World Yoseikan Federation.

Yoseikan Budo is a MARTIAL ART within which a combat sport is developed whose purpose is to put into practice the martial way under rules that guarantee the safety of its practitioners.

Yoseikan Budo tries to develop the initiative, adaptability, creativity and empathy of our young people, offering them transversal physical experiences (through games and techniques) that allow them to approach different situations of life in society while taking care of their health.


Yoseikan Budo 2021

Yoseikan Budo 2021