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FELODA 2020 Board of Directors Meeting Solutions against covid-19

Today, April 16, 2020, the Board of Directors of the Spanish Federation of Olympic Struggles and Associated Disciplines has met electronically.

At that meeting, issues related to the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis were discussed:

  • The provisional sports calendar for the rest of 2020
  • The end of the 2019 fiscal year
  • Technical issues related to our sport.

It is vital at this time to draw a modus operandi progressively back to normal in order to have hygiene guidelines in sports clubs.

As well as having the certainty of knowing which dates are appropriate for the calendar of competitions and sports gatherings, maintaining the strict rules of social hygiene and health that these moments demand.

From the writing of scorizer we hope that as the summer passes we can gradually enjoy the events even if they are behind closed doors or with great control of public access. Just as the return to training can be progressive and orderly following strict sanitary hygiene standards.

Without more than adding all our respect to the titanic effort that our sanitary and health, state security forces and all those workers are doing that with their daily delivery and putting their health at risk are helping us to see light on the horizon.

To all and to all our sincere thanks.