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Success in San Pedro del Pinatar

The Spanish Grappling and Grappling Gi Wrestling Championship held this weekend gave us an event worth remembering.

Grappling is a sport with more and more followers in Spain and we could see it in Murcia.

The battles and the playoffs continued throughout the Saturday without interruption until 9 at night with just one hour to eat.

On Saturday it was the turn of the male and female Grappling no gi (without uniform or kimono): schoolchildren, cadets, juniors, seniors and veterans.

We are struck by the complexity and seriousness with which the participants take this sport and the great reigning sportsmanship.

There is never a technique seeking to attack or harm the rival, the principle of non-aggression and winning without abusing always prevails.

He really is admirable in every way for effort, science, and good repute.

Sunday was the time for the Grappling Gi (in uniform or kimono) and another titanic day provided us with loads of highly disputed fights but without any kind of quarrels and everything remained on the tapestry without any bitterness before the defeat.

The Grappling Gi had an impressive reception with participants of all ages male and female. A 5th supplementary tapestry had to be added to open the more than 300 matches we covered on Sunday.

We are very happy with the work done and the final result where everyone left very happy with the organization and their effort.