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We are still struggling…

We are still struggling And we are not going to fail in this open contest against a virus that is wreaking havoc on our society at levels unknown until now due to its speed of expansion.

All our events are paralyzed until we have managed to control this pandemic.

Currently it affects the majority of countries in the world so we live expectantly from our homes the evolution of the entire event.

At Scorizer we continue to fight from our homes, and we encourage teleworking.

Since the foundation of our brand belonging to the group: Tartessos Sistemas y Servicios SL, it has been a fundamental premise to be close to our clients so that they feel more in a family environment than a business one.

On March 16, the teleworking working day was implemented, reinforcing the attention to our clients and supporters.

We are committed to maintaining our personal and professional effort, giving priority to health, following all the prophylactic measures that the Spanish government dictates for the population.


We wish all of you a lot of strength, health, and hope.

We continue fighting side by side each person from their radius of action.

We are as always at your disposal for any business question or suggestions of any other kind.

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