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2020 European Olympic Wrestling Championship

The Spanish selection Senior male and female Olympic wrestling came home with mixed results.

The Spanish Team

In females: Although no medals were obtained we can be hopeful that the results will arrive for the next appointments.

Aintzane Gorria (Nav) in women's wrestling she lost in the first round in the 50kg category.

Aintzane fighting. instagram

Marina Rueda (And) he took a bittersweet defeat because he lost the possibility of fighting for the medals in the last seconds. he has taken good note of his mistakes and in his own words: «From here I take a bittersweet mixture of feelings and emotions.
On the one hand, I feel great sadness, because the fight has escaped me in the last seconds, despite having been winning until almost the end. A failure that I can never afford again. »

Marina Rueda. instagram

María Baez (Mad) He fought in 57kg against the Russian M. Symonian although he did a technique of great projection of 5 points that hit the stands.

This girl who was already 3rd in the junior world last year left us with very good feelings.

In the end he was in 8th position. We have high hopes for his progression.

María Báez with Marina Rueda. instagram

Lydia Pérez (Gal) This Galician made some impressive fights and was close to fighting for the medals. Finally, he finished in 7th place, leaving the Spanish flag very high and with many possibilities to continue climbing steps towards the desired medals.

Lydia with José Cuba 125 kg LO

The fighter Jesus Gasca 87 kg (Val) in Greco-Roman his career in this championship was very short, and we hope with all our strength that he will prove his worth in the next rounds.

In male wrestling Spanish participation was very worthy but far from the medals.

Levan metreveli At 57kg the Balearic Islands was able to fight for the bronze but remained at the gates.

Juán P. González (Mur) At 65kg he could not get past the 1st round as he lost to the Armenian fighter.

Jonathan Álvarez (Cat) The first champion of the category Gazimagomedov (Rus) had 74kg in the 1st round and he could do nothing. Then in the play-off he fell again with a Georgian fighter.

Taimuraz Friev (Bal) 86kg we had high hopes for him but he lost to the Belarusian Tsikhayeu at the first exchange.

Taimuraz in combat. Twitter

Alejandro Cañadas (And) He also lost in the 1st round with the Greek Petridis when he was later eliminated in turn the Greek fighter could not aspire to the play-off.

José Cuba (Gal) 125kg got him the best fighter in the category in the first round and in the end champion of Europe the Georgian Petriashvili so he went directly to the play-off for the bronze but he found again a hard bone to crack like the Russian Tsyzhipov who finally took one of the bronzes.

This has been the scorizer chronicle about the performance of the Spanish team of Olympic fights in Rome.

They will have several opportunities to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in these months, we hope they can fulfill their Olympic dream.

We will continue reporting from the writing of scorizer.