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Success of Spain in the senior Europeans of Grappling 2020

Very outstanding we could say that it has been the passage of the senior Spanish team of Grappling and Grappling Gi for the European championships that have just ended.

Spain put in a very powerful selection as it was possible to verify with the final result when obtaining 8 medals.

Spanish Grappling Selection

The selection presented Cristofer Martín 62kg (Can) that he could not get past the 1st round as he did not the second day at Grappling Gi (in kimono uniform).

Jesús M. Rodríguez Rosario 62kg (Can) he won two meritorious 5th places in grappling no Gi and grappling Gi in both remained at the gates of bronze.

It must be very hard to be so close to the medals, to fight hard, and in the end to the minimum to be left without any.

Daniel Requeijo 66kg (Can) could not get past the 1/4 final. Although he fought like a boar in his fighting.

Juan Manuel Suárez 84kg (Can) He could not pass the 1st round in Grappling, losing with the also Spanish Valentín Lancharro (Mur), but he almost brought the bronze in Grappling Gi, finally being in a very respectable 5th place.

Valentín Lancharro 84kg (Mur) He could not make it past the 1/4 final, which is a shame as he is a great competitor and in his previous Europeans he got medals. We are sure that it will be compensated in the next championships in which it competes.

We arrived to Alan Betancur 92kg (And) who has had a remarkable performance with two Bronze medals and remaining for details at the gates of the two finals. It was spectacular to see him fight with that display of strength, technique and tactics.

Alan to the left of the image poses smiling with his well-deserved medal. instagram

We reach the girls with Katia paola Sánchez 71 kg (Can) that although things did not turn out as she expected to be her first participation in the Europeans, she has a great experience for future appointments.

Katia with Requeijo and Suárez whatue got a 5th place. instagram

The multisporter (Olympic fights, Bjj, Grappling, MMA) Sara Vieitez 53kg (Gal) In his first appearance in the Grappling Europeans, he brings two bronzes to Spain.

Impressive the outstanding performance of Sara we have no words to describe her progression and we doubt that she has a roof.

Sara showing us her booty. instagram

We arrived to the new grappling champion of Europe 2020 Naiomi A. Matthews 53kg (Vas) his performance was spectacular because the first day he gets gold and Gi bronze. It is a joy to see her fight because each fight is a lesson in poise, technical quality and tactics. Our congratulations

Naiomi and her brand new gold and bronze medals.

Arturo Salas 84kg champion of Europe in Gi with an overwhelming performance in all the elimination rounds until reaching the final in which he developed a very tactical and complex combat and in which he was finally victorious bringing gold for Murcia and Spain. Great joy that gave us those who could see it live via streaming.

Arturo at the top of the podium. instagram

We arrived to Nico Medina Werner 77kg (Mur) that in Grappling it was in 5th place and in grappling Gi he reached the final with European silver remaining. This fighter has a great future because he is very competitive and technical as he made it clear throughout the competition with a show of composure and know-how in the tapestry that delights viewers who are understood and not understood.

Nico Medina Werner Silver medal in 77kg

The scorizer writing team He wishes you were pleased with the chronicle of this magnificent performance of our athletes in the European held in the Eternal City.