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Concedidas las becas Sé olímpico 2020

Awarded the Be Olympic scholarships 2020

The Higher Sports Council Within its extraordinary budgets, it has approved the "Be Olympic" scholarships for the year 2020.

These grants have been ratified by the “Sé Olímpico” Scholarship Commission, evaluating them with objective criteria according to the Regulations for scholarships to support Spanish high-performance sports.

According to the verbatim words of the president of the Higher Sports Council, Irene Lozano, has guaranteed the athletes who make up the ADO scholarship program to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics: “You only have to think about your preparation, that nothing distracts you. The scholarships that you are receiving are fully guaranteed. I assure you ”.

These "Be Olympic" scholarships will be valued annually.

The next call for the “Be Olympic” scholarships will come out in January 2021.

Scholarships and scholarships to the FELODA in Olympic Wrestling (Olympic Free, Women's Free, Greco-Roman) are:

Short-Term Scholarships SE OLIMPICO: includes an economic scholarship of 3000 euros per year and a grant for extraordinary activities:

Lydia Pérez (GAL)
Maria Victoria Báez (MAD)
Levan Metreveli (BAL)

SE OLIMPICO Medium Term Scholarships: includes an economic scholarship of 2000 euros per year and a grant for extraordinary activities:

Jonathan Álvarez (CAT) Alejandro Cañada (AND)
Marcos Sánchez-Silva (MAD) Nerea Pampin (GAL)
Marina Rueda (AND) Aintzane Gorria (NAV)
Carlos Álvarez (AST) Damián Iglesias (GAL)
Laura Gómez (AND) Gabriel Iglesias (MAD)
Ana Torres (AND) Andrea Molina (AND)
Andrés Vizcaino (AND) Junior G. Benítez (MAD)
Alex Pérez Cimarra (CAT)

Long-Term Scholarships SE OLIMPICO: includes an aid for extraordinary activity:

Felipe Ferrusola (AND)
Natalia Pereda (AND)
Denis Kodakov (MAD)
Nerea Iglesias (GAL)
Maria Cazalla (AND)

Congratulations to everyone in this race to victory!