The importance of being grateful

The year ends for scorizer and it's time to recap what happened in the season that ended. Analyzing what happened in all events and drawing conclusions that will help us improve our services next year 2020.

We are dedicated to supporting both grassroots and high-performance sports, and it has been a fruitful season in many ways, taking a considerable qualitative leap in our work, so we are very happy with the result of the 2019 season.

Every year we have to consolidate what has been achieved while continuing to climb steps in the right direction. The work of all our departments does not stop in their search for excellence.

In the development team they are working hard to implement all the improvements that will ensure that next year 2020 the competitions in which we support have that extra quality and professionalism that should be required of our project.

The scorizer team as a whole sincerely thanks the FELODA and its board of directors, all the federations and territorial delegations without forgetting the FALODA, to all the clubs in Spain, to the college of coaches, to the college of Spanish judges and referees, and to the group of athletes that make up the Spanish federation of Olympic wrestling and associated disciplines.

To all our sincere congratulations so that next year 2020 improves in every way to 2019.

We are delighted to be able to contribute our grain of sand to this sporting movement.

Happy new year 2020