Since false information is being published on different social networks, this document from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain, published in the BOE, is useful to make it clear that the Spanish Federation of Olympic Wrestling and Associated Disciplines (FELODA) is the only one recognized by the Ministry, Higher Sports Council and Spanish Olympic Committee to develop MMA within federated sport.
FELODA is the only organization officially recognized to organize Spanish MMA Championships.
FELODA is a democratic and non-profit organization entrusted by law to organize the Spanish Championships, organize the training of referees and coaches and coordinate everything related to the federated sport of MMA.
FELODA will defend this right granted by its Assembly, Ministry of Sports, CSD and COE with all its means and reserves the right to take legal action against national or international associations that go against Spanish laws.
FELODA has the support of the government and its 18 Autonomous Federations, clubs, coaches, athletes and federated referees and will defend their rights to protect MMA from their own interests, no one has bothered to form a national MMA federation until now and FELODA welcomed MMA for more than eight years and is working with MMA like any other modality with the intention that it reaches the Olympic program as a sport and that athletes and coaches have the same rights and benefits as those of any other sport in Spain.
All this information is being transmitted to IMMAF (International Federation) with which an urgent meeting has been requested to clarify which is the legal and recognized sports organization in Spain.
We attach the link where the IMMAF states that Recognized National Federations prevail over any other association.…/

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