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Championships of Spain in school age U / 15, cadet Olympic fights

The last weekend of March will be held in Santiago de Compostela the Spanish championships of Olympic wrestling in the categories: under-15 school, cadet, and under 23 male and female, organized by Feloda and Fegaloita.

We are still in the midst of a global pandemic and it is worth mentioning that Spanish championships can be organized so that young talents can play battles, when training at this time is already something exceptional.

On March 27, the youngest of all Spain will start and on Sunday it will be the turn of the under 23s.

Place and weighing:

Place: Santa Isabel Sports Pavilion
Weighing will be carried out on 6 to 10 electronic scales. The DNI, NIE, license and the
National Card with 2021 stamp (minimum level II).
Resident athletes must present an official accrediting document with a photograph where they
certify your age and resident status.

The current FELODA Regulations will apply. Athletes with legal residence in Spain, with a NIE issued (not pending), may participate.

Age groups:

Cadet (Born in 2004, 2005 and 2006), those born in 2006 must present a certificate
U15 (Born since 2006, 2007, and 2008)
Those born in 2008 must present a parental certificate.

Weight categories:

GR: 41 / 45-48-51-55-60-65-71-80-92-110 Kg.
LO: 41 / 45-48-51-55-60-65-71-80-92-110 Kg.
LF: 36 / 40-43-46-49-53-57-61-65-69-73 Kg.
An athlete can only be registered in one modality and one weight.
GR: 34 / 38-41-44-48-52-57-62-68-75-85 Kg.
LO: 34 / 38-41-44-48-52-57-62-68-75-85 Kg.
LF: 29 / 33-36-39-42-46-50-54-58-62-66- 66-70kg
An athlete can only be registered in one modality and one weight.

NATIONAL TEAMS: Only athletes with Spanish nationality may be selected for national teams.

Trainers: Minimum Level II. Only those registered in
SCORIZER by their federation (it is mandatory for coaches to wear their federation tracksuit or sportswear at all times when they are exercising as such).

Participation fee: Maximum 3 athletes per weight category for CADETS. Maximum 3 athletes per weight category for U15s.

Federal license: All wrestlers, coaches, delegates and judge-referees must be in possession of the license
Federative of the current year 2021.

Number of tapestries: 4 (four).
Nominative Registration Deadline March 12, 2021 on SCORIZER.
Final Enrollment Deadline March 26, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. on SCORIZER.
Category of arbitrators:
National, Timekeeper and Novel Category. This Championship will be promoted (according to the national regulation of Judges-referees) for the referees who request it through their federation.
The Spanish Wrestling Federation will summon the necessary referees for the realization of the championship, the FELODA covering their accommodation and the financial aid established.
The Autonomous Federations may present other arbitrators in addition to the summoned ones, but all accommodation and aid expenses will be paid by the Autonomous F.A. that summons them.

COVID 19 protocol
All participants will be obliged to comply with the FELODA COVID Competition Protocol,
must perform an antigen test upon arrival on Friday from 12:00 to 18:00 and must deliver
the responsible declaration upon arrival.

Hotel for teams
Each Federation will be in charge of reserving your accommodation, contact with Fegaloite for more information.
Participation fees
Inscription to the competition: athletes, technicians, delegates and referees: € 0
The Spanish U15 AND CADETE Championships are within the CSD program of School Sports and therefore
both do not pay registration, contact your Autonomous Communities to request the aid
corresponding to School Sports
FELODA subsidizes the accommodation of the national referees called.

Will be broadcast integrally by the cameras of scorizer and you can follow the day with the results and statistics in the scorizer app for android and IOS download it for free for your mobile you can also access the free streaming on the feloda channel broadcast by scorizer.