Saturday November 30 scorizer  He was part of the organization of the Andalusian Championship of Grappling & GI of all categories of weight, age, and sex. 

We live an intense day and with only a short break to regain strength. 

The teams that are dedicated to these two disciplines are made of a special matter. First they fight in Grappling.

Later, with an hour of rest, they put on the GI (Kimono) and fight again with the same rules and techniques but with the added difficulty of fighting against the GI that makes the execution of the techniques difficult.

You can imagine the level of demand of the fights for all the grapplers (Grappling fighters) during the two competitions. The fighting was going on in a devilish way and it was impressive to be able to enjoy the technical level, commitment and sportsmanship that prevailed. 

In scorizer we are very happy with the result of the competition and all the teams left satisfied with the effort and how well organized the event was. 

We thank all the participants and the Andalusian Wrestling Federation organizing the event.

We will meet again at the Spanish Grappling & Gi championship, of which we will keep you properly informed.