SCORizer was born with the premise of introducing technology to sport.

Technology developed by and for sport.

It is a branch of dedicated to the development of hardware and software that will bring to your events a plus of quality and technological innovation.

We work for sports organizations like the Felucha (Spanish Federation of Olympic Struggles and Associated Disciplines) for which we implement our technical and computer support in their national and international competitions. 

In its different modalities such as: Olympic Wrestling, Grappling, Sambo, Combat Sambo, and amateur MMA.

We are also responsible for the administration of its database of federated and federated athletes.

In turn, from our digital platform we plan all the tournaments, championships and competitions organized by the Felucha and the Faloda:

  • Creation of national and international tournaments.
  • Online pre-registration from PC or mobile of athletes, teams, federations, technical bodies and referee teams.
  • Monitoring of federal license weighings by modalities, age, weight and other characteristics.
  • Public draws with elaboration of matches with qualification rounds and elimination rounds.
  • Adaptation to any type of tournament system: Leagues, championships, cups, open, evening, popular races, etc.

For this we have a series of products such as our scorizer suite.

THE SUITE SCORIZER is one of our star products.

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scorizer suite

Indicated for sports federations, sports areas, and regional councils that manage a huge number of local, national and international championships and competitions.

SCORizer offers three comprehensive action plans for all kinds of structural and economic needs.

Centralized on-line administration of all user and competition data.

They will access all their tournaments physically, and remotely. They will have the direct support of a scoring team from our headquarters or physically (according to the contracted plan)✳️ for all your sporting events.

When hiring a plan ✳️ scorizer: Gold🥇  Silver🥈 Bronze🥉 You can enjoy all the benefits of our complete support including our exclusive platform: suite room scorizer 💻 📱

Captura de pantalla de la web suite scorizer 2020

We will facilitate technology designed for sports Video🎥 arbitration, digital scoreboards📺, to manage any competition: tournament, combat, match, league, cup, open, or popular race.

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Learn about scorizer plans Gold🥇 Silver🥈 Bronze🥉bottom press here for to contact with scorizer We develop mobile apps📱 tablets, 👩‍💻 and pc´s.

It will provide them with an optimal follow-up in real time of the competitions they organize.

They will have access to the streaming of the tournaments, know the results, point their team to a championship, register for a race, pay dues or inscriptions to their teams to yourself, or to yourself.

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Ask us for information about our plans: 

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You can consult our customer service team.

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